What type of bank is fidelity bank?

Please enter a valid email address. Our account gives you the flexibility to access your cash when you need it, while allowing you to put your money to work. Find out more ways to access your money, plus ATM refunds, with no minimum balances or account fees. Choose from a variety of investment options, including FDIC-insured CDs.

Whether you pay bills, withdraw cash or make large purchases, we offer you more ways to access your money. Plus, you're reimbursed for all ATM fees anywhere in the U.S. Department of Commerce, making it easy to access your money when you need it. Quickly and easily transfer money between your linked Fidelity accounts to protect against overdrafts, view balances or pay bills from a safe place.

You can create your own alerts to know when you have excess cash to invest or when rates change. Fidelity offers investors traded CDs, which are CDs issued by banks for brokerage firm clients. These CDs are usually issued in large denominations and are divided into smaller denominations by the brokerage company to resell to its customers. Because deposits are obligations of the issuing bank and not the brokerage firm, they are FDIC insured.

Take Advantage of FDIC-Insured CDs Learn how you can earn more with your cash, while protecting your capital, with our FDIC-insured CDs offered at a variety of banks. A variety of on-the-go options allow you to access the money in your cash management account whenever and however you want. Any fixed income security sold or redeemed before maturity may be subject to substantial gain or loss. Your ability to sell a CD on the secondary market is subject to market conditions.

If your CD has a tiered rate, the interest rate may be higher or lower than prevailing market rates. The initial rate on a tiered rate CD is not the yield to maturity. If your CD has a purchase disposition, as many tiered rate CDs do, the decision to call the CD is at the sole discretion of the issuer. In addition, if the issuer calls the CD, you can get a less favorable interest rate by reinvesting your funds.

Fidelity does not judge the creditworthiness of the issuing institution. Open a Fidelity Cash Management account and a Fidelity account in one simple online session. Open only one Fidelity Cash Management account. Fidelity Bank is a securities-based bank.

Since 1909, our mission has guided us to do what is right for our customers, our community and our associates. Fidelity Bank is a securities-based community bank. Our mission has been going on for more than 100 years, guiding us to do what is best for our customers and building relationships for life. Our goal is to never lose focus on this mission and associated values as we do business over the next 100 years.

For additional information, see the FDIC Disclosure Document of the Fidelity Cash Management Account (PDF). Fidelity Bank announced on April 20 that it purchased Scranton's iconic electric building in downtown Scranton for its new corporate headquarters. As a result, banks across the country are closing branches, citing high operating costs and declining customer traffic. Fidelity Bank's Right By You Mortgage is a full-service mortgage company that offers a variety of mortgage solutions to meet every need.

For the first six years, a single associate, Eugene Howard, was responsible for helping the community with its banking needs. In addition to online banks, community banks and credit unions, many brokerage firms have begun to offer their customers a range of financial services similar to those found in conventional banks, and Fidelity is one of them. Some brokerage firms allow their clients to link current and other bank accounts to their investment accounts. Both firmly rooted in the community and dedicated to small business growth, shareholders of Bank of Fuquay and Bank of Biscoe voted to merge the institutions and changed the name of the corporation Fidelity Bank.

Going through the local bank branch used to be part of most Americans' daily routine, such as picking up milk and bread at the grocery store. Fidelity will use all information you provide solely for the purpose of sending the email on your behalf. . .

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