Who is fidelity bank owned by?

First Fidelity Bank is an American retail bank and financial services corporation that was incorporated in Oklahoma in 1920. The bank is a subsidiary of First Fidelity Bancorp, founded in 1982.The bank is co-owned by Lee R. Symcox, his wife Suzanne Symcox, Bill Cameron and sister Lynda Cameron. Fidelity Bank was formed on December 28, 1908 and is a mutual institution constituted by the Office of Financial Institutions (OFI).

Our original name was Fidelity Homestead Association, the term Homestead was only used in Louisiana to refer to savings and loans. The purpose of the savings and loan industry was to provide people with a safe place to save money and provide housing funds. Both firmly rooted in the community and dedicated to small business growth, shareholders of Bank of Fuquay and Bank of Biscoe voted to merge the institutions and changed the name of the corporation Fidelity Bank. Fidelity Bank's Right By You Mortgage is a full-service mortgage company offering a variety of mortgage solutions to meet every need.

We foster a sense of companionship among Fidelity team members and work continuously to build relationships. To support customer goals, Fidelity Bank offers a variety of business banking solutions that can help businesses manage their accounts effortlessly. Whether someone wants to buy a home, start a small business, or send a child to college, Fidelity Bank was and still is there for them. Over the next 20 years, the company experienced exceptional growth as a savings institution known as the Fidelity Savings Association of Kansas.

The bank was initially incorporated in September 1970 as Southwest Fidelity State Bank of Edina and was affiliated with Fidelity Bank and Trust in northeast Minneapolis. Please note that you will no longer be subject to or under the protection of the privacy and security policies of the Fidelity Bank website. Oklahoma Fidelity Bank has steadily grown to include locations in the Oklahoma City and Edmond communities. This rule states that due to the transition of Fidelity Bank branches, deposits will be considered separately insured, as if the two banks continued to operate separately, for at least six months and possibly longer for CDs.

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